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Natural Health Group

- with advice on the use of natural health supplements, nutrition and wellness education and accountability support are available as needed.

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C.E. Trainings

Future trainings pending approval to provide CEs


Treatment Strategies for Military Women with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Military Sexual Trauma (MST). CE credits available - Check Course description or hours per training session, there are a total of 14 CEs available based on participation.

This is a hands on/experiential/skill building workshop. You will leave with skills that you can apply in your practice and workplace immediately. There will be options to experience various mind/body treatments linked to trauma recovery by experts such as Dr. Bessel VanDerKolk, John N. Briere, PhD, and Dr. Jon Connelly, PhD, LCSW.

Co-presenters: Darlene Williams, Ph.D., P.A. and Meridian Counseling Center, Inc. maintain responsibility for this program and it’s content.

For the first time in history, mental health organizations, agencies, and providers are being flooded with previously uncommonly seen clients: military women suffering with PTSD and/or MST. Many of these clients are flocking to private practitioners due to the fact that their experiences occurred within the military setting, and often by fellow military personnel. On many occasions, these women experience secondary trauma when trying to press charges through their own chain of command. A majority of this population has complex PTSD, due to unresolved childhood sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse that further complicates treatment efforts. As such, therapeutic approaches with this clientele must be adjusted and adapted accordingly. Self-healing modalities, that are empowering and efficient, are most desirable and welcomed by this population. This workshop will not only provide instruction on such modalities, but will also give participants an opportunity to experience the healing power of same, and sharpen their own skills in dealing with this challenging and contemporary clientele.

Seminar Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop, mental health professionals will be able to:

1) Define trauma conceptually and outline its psycho-psycho-physiological sequel.

2) Teach their clients simple stabilization and grounding techniques for immediate reduction in physiological arousal.

3) Teach their clients self-hypnosis techniques to reinforce new ways of thinking that promote continued healing.

4) Define the utility of hypnosis in trauma resolution and apply hypnotic techniques to guide their clients' recovery.

5) Utilize the power of language as a healing tool and instruct their clients to do so as well.

6) Discuss how to transform re-traumatizing flashbacks and nightmares into non-threatening experiences via step by step process of Rapid Trauma Resolution™.

7) Outline ways to significantly increase their overall success and confidence in treating trauma survivors.

8) Participants interested in equine co-facilitated therapy will be introduced to and participate in this powerful transformative technology recovery (Day 2). See on this treatment modality.

You will be close to beautiful beaches, golf courses, historic and national parks. Currently scheduled upcoming dates: Casey's Healing Hooves (TBA), 13116 Oakwood Drive, Hudson, FL 34669 (727-645-2819). Typical Schedule of Events:

Day 1: TBA

Day 2: TBA

**** 2 day workshops provide a total of 13 CE credits, or you may attend the first day for 9 total CE credits (6.5 CE hours + 2.5 CE hours), or the second day for 3.5 CE credits. There is a Friday night meet and greet with mindfulness campfire meditation and presentation exercise for an optional 1.5 CE credit. Sign up early as there are limited seats available and introductory pricing will not be available in the future.

Opportunities: For those with exposure to Dr.Jon Connelly's Rapid Resolution Trauma Theory (RRT), there is an opportunity to volunteer during each workshop. Must be available the entire weekend.

Refund Policy: requests for refunds will be honored as long as the following conditions are met:
    1) Notification is provided at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of the seminar via postmarked mail or 1 week prior if sent by email.
    2) No refunds will be offered if notification is less than 1 week prior to the seminar or conference.

Cost of attendance for the 2-day workshops are as follows:

Both days: $300/person.
Just Day 1: $179/person - Psycho-educational and hands-on Experiential Workshop.
Just Day 2: $179/person - Equine Therapy Experiential Workshop (lunch provided).
Student discount: $150/person.
Group discount both days: 2 people=$265/person.

To register for the work shop Contact Us

Contact information for questions: 727-467-4213, ask for Chris.

Identifying & Managing Clients with Challenging
Mental Health Issues: A Critical Piece in Your
Successful Family Law Practice

A One Day Experiential, hands on, Skill Developing workshop. You will leave with skills immediately applicable to your practice, and the confidence to implement them.

Where: TBA
When: TBA
6.5 CLE's available

What you will learn in this dynamic, didactic, experiential workshop:

  • 1) How to determine when your contrary, paradoxical clients, who seem to sabotage your strategies, may actually be suffering from a major mental illness.

  • 2) How to connect with these clients immediately, and effectively move them towards your goals utilizing the power of intended language, via presentation and large and small group skill practice.

  • 3) Specifics about personality disorders, Munchausen Syndrome, Munchausen-by-proxy, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and other mood disorders, via case presentation and discussion.

  • 4) How to set boundaries and deal with these clients, via case presentation and consultation and how to help refocus them with simple skills presented and practiced in large and small groups.

  • 5) When and how to refer for diagnostic testing and/or psychotherapy services.

  • 6) How to consult with treating Dr's/Therapists to get the information you need to facilitate your plan.

  • 7) Identify burnout (these clients are draining!) and how to address, in order to maintain your clarity and focus.

Meet the Presenters:

Dr. Darlene Williams is a licensed psychologist who practices clinical and forensic psychology. She has advanced training in hypnosis, equine assisted psychotherapy, as well as 26 years of experience in treating individuals with a wide range of mental health issues. In the forensic field, Dr. Williams has published journal articles and a book chapter. She is a former board member for PACE center for girls and presently serves on the board for the Institute for Survivors of Incest & Sexual Violence, Inc. Her areas of specialty include:
trauma, recovery, grief and loss, psychocardiology, couples and family treatment and transpersonal psychotherapy. Dr. Williams is certified in Hypnotherapy as well as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Dr. Williams has served as a volunteer clinician for since its inception. As a result she founded Horse corps, a free, monthly therapy group for military women with PTSD and MST utilizing equine assisted psychotherapy (see She is co-founder of Equisolutions Inc. (non-profit organization in process), and has been interviewed on broadcast and internet radio, television, and in print.

Dr. Gloria Payne is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) with National Board Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (NBCDCH). She has extensive experience with domestic violence, including sexual violence and family counseling. Dr. Payne's resume includes stints with Catholic Charities, Youth & Family Alternatives (CINS/FINS Family Help Program), and Charter Hospital, among others. She presently serves as a board member for the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence, Inc. & founding member of Sunrise Rotary of Dade City.
Recent Workshops/Presentations include: Treatment Strategies for Military Women with PTSD/MST, Clinical Hypnosis & Rapid Trauma Resolution, Holistic Healing, civic and community presentations, also the 16th World Congress of Sexology, Paris, France.
Dr. Payne is the founder of Meridian Counseling Center, Inc.

Registration Options:

Register telephonically with Chris at Dr. Williams' office: 727-467-4213.

Accepted payment types:

  • 1) Check, money order, traveler's check, or cashier's check, Visa, Master Card, or Discover.
    (You must register in advance; payment will include a $50 non-refundable deposit unless the seminar is canceled).

  • 2) Mail payment with completed registration form which can be found at to:

    Darlene Williams, Ph.D., P.A.,
    2625 Keystone Road, Suite A-4
    Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
    Indicate "Family Law Seminar".

    Cost: $179 Early, Student and Group rates are available as follows:
    Register by (TBA) and pay $169.
    Students pay $125 with valid student ID.

    Group rate:
    Bring one colleague, pay $169 each.
    Bring two colleagues, pay $150 each.
    Bring three colleagues, pay the student rate of $125 each.
    Bring four colleagues at the student rate and you get in FREE!
    (or split the savings between the five of you, for a REALLY inexpensive skill developing workshop).

  • NOTE: For the group rate, all participants must register and pay at the same time.