Natural Health Suppliments:

Cold or flu concerns?
Try OPC-3! It has an amazing amount of anti-oxidant and anti-histamine real fruit extracts, including pycnogynal, one of the most studied healing anti-oxidants. Also great for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Acid Reflux or Digestive Issues?
Nutrametrix Ultimate Aloe is very healing with its 150% pure aloe. This company uses the whole leaf, taking extra steps to soothe without too much of a softening effect. They add condensed aloe to give it the 150% vs many store brands that only scoop out the leaf and add water, etc. I have clients who continue to reorder and report their symptoms are under control. It is so nice for them to get back to comfort!

Children and the Nutritional Spectrum
Kids don't get enough nutrients in the foods they eat. Get reliable advice on natural dietary supplements that will help your children with everything from digestive health to attention issues.

Weight Loss:
TLS Weight Loss System is a wonderful additive to your weight loss goal. In order to be successful you must begin to understand what happens in your body with the things you eat, how they affect the rest of your body and how to break the cycle.

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"What a difference a year makes ! I came to see you at 180 degrees from where I am today.
You didn't focus on my weight as being the problem but on my understanding of how foods and nutrition work in my body for an overall mental and physical well being.

I've lost over fifty pounds in the first three months of starting my transition to this new "me". More importantly, I feel younger, stronger and I am completely free of medical symptoms I previously had. I am 45 and feel 20 again.

High Cholestreol, moderate to severe psoriasis that covered 70% of my body, chronic back pain... its all gone !
I am happy with my new, active life and can't thank you enough for your help and encouragement !

If I could say anything to those out there looking for help I would say this... Life is short, it's depression, illnesses and negative thinking that makes our days seem longer. You can do this, you can eat better, become physically active understand that everything is connected to what we let our minds dwell on and let our bodies eat.

Using what I learned in Gloria Payne's Transition course, I am a whole new "ME" I feel and look great."