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Prior to my session with Dr. Payne, I used to have horrible flashbacks to a scene that I witnessed while deployed to Afghanistan. The flashbacks were debilitating because it created a phobic reaction to normal life situations regarding public bathrooms.

The therapy was not traumatic, as exposure therapy would have been. I relived the event for very short periods of time while Dr. Payne shifted my focus with a post hypnotic suggestion that changed the disturbing view to a pure white light.

Now even if I try to bring that picture into my head it is immediately turned into the white screen. When dealing with PTSD, there are many layers and Dr. Payne was able to remove an entire layer in just one session. Not to say that I am free from PTSD , anxiety or fears, but one layer has been removed allowing me to lead a more normal life than I have in the past 3 years.
~TR Dade City

Dear Gloria,
I am speechless expressing my gratitude for the healing I received under you guidance at the Rapid Resolution Therapy training in Tampa, Florida in September. Thank you and bless you! I have been handicapped with emphysema for many years from smoking. Every physician who has treated me for this condition has told me it is incurable, and will always get worse no matter how well I take care of myself.

I was not looking forward to taking my sweetheart to Paris in October, as I felt it would be like Laura taking an anchor. Paris is a “walking city”. From the time you treated me in Tampa, I began to notice improvement in my breathing, energy and mood. By the time we left for Paris, I was no longer using auxiliary oxygen. I was swimming a mile every day (5 minutes faster than before) and walking my dog further and faster every morning.

By the time we got to Paris, I estimate we walked a good 6 – 8 hours a day being tourists. I even walked the beaches of Normandy. I am a miracle. Love & appreciation,
~Trey 8/25/13

UPDATE : As of 11/13/13
Oh, Thanks to Dr. Gloria Payne, my mind continues to heal the emphysema that had handicapped me for so many years. I love running up and down the stairs and reducing my time in the 1 mile swim. Even better is my mood.

Prior to RRT, I felt a great deal of antipathy towards people in general. I was imposed upon. My freedom was restrained. Society was in control, not me. I feared persecution. I had a hard time standing up for myself in my own head. Sure I was able to fight back against an attacker. But I couldn't justify facing bullies when I could just hide. I went into many situations with a predisposed judgement about how people would treat or react to me. This would flavor the tone of my social interactions. Even when conforming to male standards. I always felt anger because I felt the need to simply conform in order to avoid punishment. I had fears of having to defend myself both emotionally and physically just to go about my daily business. Unless I conformed to a masculine standard where I would be seen as an aggressive threat.I did not feel free.

Afterwards, I started to feel free. My first thoughts as I left the building from RRT was that. I am free! I said to myself... I'm free! My mind was quite and calm. No racing thoughts. No constant analysis of future outcomes. It was fairly nice feeling this. Since I have had a much easier time attaining this kind of serene feeling. I didn't even sit down and analyze the session. In the past I might have started with a critical inner dialog of technique. Or said to myself maybe there is some subversive quality to this session. In order to get me to think differently. This was by choice.

No one was subverting my free will. I was free to change my perceptions in any way. No requirements were upon me. I think this is a strong point of RRT. Prior to RRT I would have probably gone to the VA dressed more masculine without jewelry or makeup, with the mood that I was already required by society to appear by male standards. That I shouldn't be pretty. I would have been anxious about reading a femme magazine. I know this sounds extreme. But I was in the past afraid to be seen as femme. I had lots of fear of being seen as weak. And had been tormented for showing weakness in any form. This may seem like a bit of reverse sexism. But I had a judgement that if I wasn't masculine and intimidating, strong, cold, hard, harsh. I would have been bullied or attacked.

The only way I was able to face and deal with my bullies was through shear intimidation. I had learned and mastered the art of using fear as a weapon personally. I expected it at every turn. I had always been made fun of or teased at an early age when I acted like a girl or showed emotion. I see strength in woman. And I know that there are many ways in which to be strong. And that some woman exude the same intimidating aura I use to have. It was just that by letting my inner self show outwardly. I was always afraid of opening myself up to be "read". And in that case vulnerable, weak, attack able. I feel free. No one has persecuted me. No one has tormented me. I no longer have to use aggressive fear to survive. I have managed to drop out of a pure adrenaline filled existence and explore my creative and left brain existence. I went to the American Legion for a fundraiser of one of my mothers friends.

I was treated kindly and with compassion! Both her friends switched to using female pronouns and refereed to me as a Milla! What an amazing experience! I know it may seem trivial. But to me this means a great deal. It means I am accepted as who I am. Not who I pretended to be for safety (a straight CIS and very angry man), strange, I know. From my perspective this is the way I feel describes it best
~ Milla

29 April 15

I have gratitude for Dr. Gloria and my eyes were open to the profound success Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) can have on trauma. Dr. Gloria and RRT saved my vacation by balancing me spiritually and emotionally. Gone were the flashbacks, the startle response, and that looming sense of fear.

I came to Florida to relax, reconnect with friends, God, and to work through a very traumatic event that I had recently experienced back home. I planned to address the trauma by being in Nature and sharing with family not sitting in some psychologist’s office. However, after I unsuccessfully attempted to share the traumatic experience with my sister, I realized that I needed some professional help.

Consequently, I searched the Internet for a professional that was knowledgeable in addressing trauma yet one who was also GLBTQ affirming. In my search, I came across Dr. Gloria Payne of Meridian Counseling Center in Dade City, FL. While reading Dr. Gloria's credentials, education and training, I felt she would offer a good blend of psychology and "out of the box" thinking. Therefore, I called and scheduled an appointment. I had a total of three sessions with Dr. Gloria. Yes, you read that correctly, three sessions.

Initially, Dr. Gloria shared what she did and asked me the same. As we chatted, we got comfortable with one another. Dr. Gloria also demonstrated some hand/head technique that was/is helpful. I attempted to share what I wanted addressed in therapy. Hence, I began with Client-Centered therapy or "talk" therapy to explain to Dr. Gloria the horrific events we needed to address. When Dr. Gloria saw how traumatized I was, she immediately stopped me from addressing the issues through “talk” therapy. Client-Centered Therapy was over!

As I explained the traumatic events involved I was shaking and crying in fear. I was not in the present with Dr. Gloria, instead I was literally back in that event watching my partner being menaced by an officer then I re-experienced being assaulted as I protected her.

I was a bit surprised that Dr. Gloria stopped my sharing but grateful. I listened as she proceeded to explain a different trauma therapy; Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), and stated that she’d like to use the technique on me. Dr. Gloria’s confidence in this therapy relaxed and interested me so; I agreed to give RRT a chance.

In the second session, after she briefly told me what I needed to do, I shared my sense of powerlessness during the situation and my lack of being able to identify where God was in the midst of all the trauma. Dr. Gloria immediately affirmed a Higher Powers’ presence by abruptly stating, "You weren't admitted!" I was initially thrown off guard, thinking “I wasn’t admitted.” Exactly, “I wasn’t admitted,” she helped me to sense my Higher Power in the midst of all the chaos and trauma which allowed me to find my spiritual and emotional balance.

I was asked to envision myself in the courtroom while thinking of a calming word. A word or phrase I’d be able to recite to myself when I was testifying in court or when I needed to discuss the events with my lawyer. Therefore, Dr. Gloria affirmed that the event was traumatic, horrible and chaotic. She briefly asked questions about the assault then told me to use my word or phrase while I was thinking about that trauma and the possibility of going to court. As I recited the term “Caribbean blue” in my mind’s eye, I was peaceful because I knew God was in the midst of all that messy, dark energy protecting me and keeping me safe. Once again, I was balanced, spiritually and emotionally.

In the third session, Dr. Gloria reviewed the hand/head technique and checked out how I felt after using RRT. All was well! Rapid Resolution Therapy saved my vacation, helped to promote a positive legal outcome to a disastrous situation, and re-affirmed my self-worth. I am indebted to Dr. Gloria’s knowledge, skill, her “out of the box” thinking and the techniques incorporated in Rapid Resolution Therapy.
~ Blessings, Catherine

Hello, my name is Sandra and I am the wife of a Marine Sargent, Ed. We have been married for more than 20 years. Ed served in the Marines for two tours during the Vietnam War in 1968 & 1969 during the Tet Offensive and many, many other campaigns.

I began my counseling with Meridian Counseling Center to help with my emotional support in dealing with Ed’s PTSD. For years, I had no idea what I was dealing with. I only knew things were not getting better. Some of the behaviors were outbursts of anger, seclusion, long periods of isolation, drinking, irritability, sleeplessness and others.

Now, you may ask, ‘How could you live with someone and not know about the symptoms of PTSD?” I had never done any research on PTSD, gone to any counseling, or spoke to anyone else that was married to a War veteran. When I finally spoke to Ed about getting some help, we had been married for about 10 years. It was then when he was ‘diagnosed’ with PTSD. That is when I started reading up on his condition. And it was then, I realized just how much I was affected by his condition. This was also when he started anti depression medications.

I later started counseling with Dr. Payne that has helped with dealing with both daily interactions such as socializing with family and friends, relationship issues such as talking about flashbacks and incident specific situations. Additionally, this counseling is not offered through the VA. I pay for this service out of our own finances. The services that are offered to families through the VA are not convenient for me to attend.

The counseling services help me to live with my husband. Without the counselling I would not be able to continue to live with my husband. At times, his condition is stressful and lonely. He has good days and bad days. Some days, he is fine and other days, there are outbursts, which I have learned through the counseling are not directed at me. We work together to get back to a calmer state. Just driving to the store can be stressful, changing something in the home like a ceiling fan, or even not coming home on a designated time can change his stress levels.

Counseling has helped me with directing or redirecting the conversations so that we can get back on track, reduce stress and alleviate some of his anxieties.

Having been hospitalized and diagnosed with acute hypertension, my physician referred me to Gloria. She helped me to deal effectively with events in my life so they no longer produce a negative reaction… I can now handle a very hectic lifestyle and maintain normal blood pressure.”
~ C.S. of Wesley Chapel

There were some very painful and unresolved issues in my life that caused a lot of stress. Gloria helped me let go of the past and the pain, without reliving it, so those things don’t affect me anymore.”
~ D.C. of Zephyrhills

After six months of denying I was a victim of a car jacking and kidnapping… I was functioning like a zombie in day-to-day life. After my second visit with Gloria I was able to put the incident where it belonged, in the past. My fiancé noticed an immediate difference in my stability… [I was able to] find that sense of peace and calm again.”
~ J.M. of Wesley Chapel

You have transformed my life so dramatically that words are difficult to choose… The peaceful bliss I feel not falling prey to the demons of alcohol anymore is more than phenomenal… I drank heavily for over 20 years! I craved alcohol day and night... and now it's gone!!!! I'm not imprisoned by the tortures of my addiction anymore.”
~ A.B.




“I had an appointment with my Gastroenterologist and I told him I was having constant heartburn. I wasn’t eating anything different that would cause the heartburn so I was a little worried. The doctor told me to get some over-the-counter heartburn medicine, i.e. Prilosec, etc. I saw Gloria and told her what my doctor said to do. She suggested I try Isotonix Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics, along with Ultimate Aloe (strawberry-kiwi flavored). I started both products the next day and my heartburn lessened. The next day I was even better. By the fourth day the heartburn was completely gone! To this day I have had no recurrence of heartburn. If I occasionally have a twinge of it, due to something I’ve eaten, I take one dose of each and it takes it completely away.
~Linda – Zephyrhills

“I usually get a flu shot every year but this year I couldn’t. Gloria suggested I take OPC-3 daily. I broke my shoulder and she said it would also help with the healing. I have had no yearly cold since taking the OPC-3. I felt so much better on the OPC-3 that I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks – then allergy season hit. I am happy to say I’m back taking my OPC-3 again and feel great – I can actually golf without blowing my nose or wiping my watery eyes for 18 holes. The OPC-3 also helped my shoulder as well. I plan on staying with the OPC-3 on a daily basis – I feel so much better.
~LP, Zephyrhills

What a difference a year makes ! I came to see you at 180 degrees from where I am today.

You didn't focus on my weight as being the problem but on my understanding of how foods and nutrition work in my body for an overall mental and physical well being.

I've lost over fifty pounds in the first three months of starting my transition to this new "me". More importantly, I feel younger, stronger and I am completely free of medical symptoms I previously had.I am 45 and feel 20 again.

High cholesterol, moderate to severe psoriasis that covered 70% of my body, chronic back pain... its all gone !

I am happy with my new, active life and can't thank you enough for your help and encouragement !

If I could say anything to those out there looking for help I would say this... Life is short, it's depression, illnesses and negative thinking that makes our days seem longer. You can do this, you can eat better, become physically active understand that everything is connected to what we let our minds dwell on and let our bodies eat.

Using what I learned in Gloria Payne's Transition course, I am a whole new ME, I feel and look great.
~ Jeff M.





I told Gloria that I had a problem with checking things and touching things several times. Before I would go to bed at night I would lock the door and check it about 20 times and then the windows. When I would touch things, I had to touch them 3 more times. After that session, when I came in the next week, I told her that I don’t always lock the door anymore and when I do, I don’t check it. I also only touch things once. It feels so much better and normal."
~ J.F. of Dade City

I smoked two packs of Pall Mall non-filter cigarettes a day for over 40 years. After seeing Gloria only a couple of times, I quit smoking with no problem!”
~ P.M. of Zephyrhills

I was hooked on sweets and couldn’t keep myself away from them. Since my first Dynamic Hypnotherapy session with Gloria, I no longer feel deprived when I don’t eat them. It was easy to lose weight and eat what I really want.”
~ J.D. of Palm Harbor

I felt overwhelmed with my life. Now, rather than feelings of guilt and anxiety, I am healthier, confident and powerful over my life.”
~ G.T. of Zephyrhills

After years of problems with anxiety attacks, not being able to work for months on end, in and out of different doctors, specialists, and several counselors, nothing seemed to help. Then I was introduced to Gloria Elwell whose method of hypnotherapy changed my whole life. I was able to go back to work after just one visit. Gloria gave me the opportunity to live again.”
~ T.I.

It was about five years ago. I had a friend come into my business to say hello. The first thing I noticed was he did not smell like smoke. So I asked him if he was still smoking. He said no. He said he had been to see a lady that had helped him stop completely. At that point I said, how in the world did you do that after being a chain smoker for 25 years. That’s when he told me her name. I called Gloria and made an appointment with her. I am here to tell you that after two appointments with this lady, I put the beer down and to this day I have been living a new and better life (alcohol free)."
~ J.S. of San Antonio

Hi Gloria,
Another wonderful trip thanks to your help! I have always wanted to visit New York City at Christmastime, so now that I am flying with no problem, I came to see the NYC sights with my mom for a few days. Hope you have a nice holiday and thanks again for your help!"
- Colette K.

There are too few words to say how grateful I am to Gloria Payne. My first visit to Meridian Counseling was on July 14th and Gloria talked with me about my anxiety and fear of driving in a car while someone else was driving. I left the office feeling calm and peaceful. My next visit was on July 23rd, Gloria again talked with me and helped me with visualization. Again I left the office with a sense of calm and peace. After the second visit I drove several places with different people and never had the extreme anxiety I had experienced in the past. I felt relaxed and calm in the vehicle and enjoyed the trip. My third visit was on the 18th of August and I said goodbye to Gloria, thanking her for the immense help she gave me. I am a much happier and calmer person. I am able to sleep better and have started to enjoy life more. As I said, there are too few words to express my gratitude to Gloria Payne"
~ C.S. of Zephyrhills





I started chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer in January 2016. In February I started BodyTalk with Gloria to help with the chemo side effects and stress of dealing with treatment. Since attending BodyTalk sessions, my chemo side effects are completely minimalized! Very little nausea or fatigue! I am able to live my life as before the diagnosis, missing only 1 day of work in 5 months. Even my doctors are amazed at how my body is able to handle the chemotherapy drugs so effectively. I am planning to continue the BodyTalk therapy throughout my cancer treatments and beyond to maximize my general health and well-being!!
~ Kelly P.

When I was younger, training very hard in gymnastics, and have since had chronic disc problems in my back. I have had some relief from various treatments and medications over the years. However, sometimes I get in excruciating pain as I was on this particular evening of a training I was attending that Gloria was an associate trainer for. It was about 11:00 p.m. and my pain level was at a 9 on a 1-10. Gloria agreed to do BodyTalk to see if she could help. After that approx. 20 minute session she asked how I felt. I could not believe it. At first I just said 'WOW!' Then I told her my pain had dropped to about a 2, which was wonderful."
~ K.S. of New York

I was trying to focus in a counseling session but the pain in my shoulder was too distracting. Gloria suggested she try BodyTalk to see if it would help. I felt it was worth a try since she had helped my wife with other physical concerns. After those few moments, not only was the pain gone, but I was able to raise my arm up and put my hand in between my shoulder blades. I was astonished since I had not been able to move my arm up higher than my shoulder for years due to old football injuries. What is really surprising is that was at least six months ago and I still have that full range of motion with my shoulder."
~ JH of Dade City

I was having digestive problems, including stomach pain and bowel problems with little to no relief with medications. When Gloria did a BodyTalk Session with me, I didn’t think it would do any good and was embarrassed that my stomach started making noises. She said that was a good sign, but I thought she was just trying to make me feel better. Then, I could actually feel something different where she had her hand on my stomach, as if something released and I felt better. I was surprised that it worked, but very happy."
~ C.M. of Dade City

I had a splitting headache and had tried to alleviate it with meds to no avail. I really didn’t like taking medications and wanted to give BodyTalk a try. I didn’t know what it actually was supposed to do, but I knew it couldn’t hurt. Gloria did a BodyTalk session with me, and at the end she asked me how I felt. I told her the headache was gone which was amazing in and of itself. However, I also felt light, happy and good about me. I tried to tell her you don’t understand, I feel really good. She just smiled and said, I understand, good for you."
~ R.M of Boca Raton

I had been to doctor after doctor for a couple of years trying to find out what was wrong with me. I was in constant and debilitating pain. One doctor thought I had fibromyalgia, another MS. I was seeing Gloria for counseling to deal with my difficulties of life changes with my physical situation and distress. She suggested this new alternative healing method called BodyTalk to see if she could help. I was open to anything that could give me some relief. After about 20-30 minutes when she ended the session, she asked me how I was feeling. I don’t exaggerate, nor am I a dramatic person in my language, but I was so astonished that a certain pain that I always had, even with morphine, other drugs, etc., that that pain was gone, GONE. I couldn’t believe it. It lasted about 3 weeks. I was so amazed. I only wish I hadn’t had to move and stop treatment. I really think it was helping what western medicine was trying so hard to diagnose."
~ C.M. of North Tampa

I had been stuck thinking about a past boyfriend to the point of obsessing and feeling sad a lot of the time. Although I saw Gloria a few times to… get rid of a phobia I had, she also helped me to get rid of thoughts or cares about the exboyfriend and feel happier all the way around. I had told her that I had been in a car accident several months before and she suggested that [I also consider] BodyTalk, a relatively new energetic method of healing may help. I was so surprised that the pain had greatly diminished and I told her this is the first time since the accident that my top half of my body felt connected to the bottom half. Since I had never heard of BodyTalk, I would never have known to ask her for it. What a great bonus."
~ O.J. of Miami

I have been participating in Body Talk sessions for about 2 months. When they say "Let's Talk About it" to help solve a problem, the same applies to your body. During the past 2 years I had been hospitalized 6 times, with 3 surgeries. I have not felt truly well, during this time. Due to the multiple surgeries I developed excessive scar tissues, Chronic UTI's with lower back pain, and low energy. I would get up over 12 times or more a night, to use the bathroom. In the daytime i was a walking zombie. All the doctors would say "It's a side effect of your surgeries, and that's the way it is", and prescribe more antibiotics. Sometimes I felt the side effects of the antibiotics were worse ! I prefer the holistic health approach , but probiotics did not work for my problems.

Great News! I am feeling better than ever, more energy, no pain, no UTI, and only getting up once a night. I would recommend "Body Talk", to any one who feels their body is out of sync, and traditional medicine has not helped. Listen to your inner voice, it's the beginning dialogue to your road to good health and overall well being.
~ S.C.D.Dade City





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